What we do



Floors, baths, marble, granites, stones or agglomerate sinks. The choice of the materials, great care of the details both in the realization of bathroom furnishing of big dimensions and small rooms. The most precious marble at the disposal of aesthetics and wellness of a bathroom which satisfies the most different desires and needs.

Interior Design

Marmi Damiani thanks to the experience of our designer, designs and realizes our customer desires. Our team of professional men accompany and guide the choices of our customers searching and finding the right solutions for each request: customer made fireplaces, internal staircases, table surfaces of any size, floors and walls.

Street Furniture

Together with architects in the biggest Italian cities, Damiani Marmi realizes fountains, benches, pavements, staircases, column and any other furniture which matches well together with the architectural context both in ancient or modern places in which our work is required.


Decoration is an fascinating art which makes unique and unrepeatable any architectural element. Marmi Damiani offers an infinitive range of designs and motives (patterns) continually creating new ones both for internal and external environments. Details and precision in the realization, together with special treatments which help decoration last long, make the decorations of efficient visual impact in wall Mosaics or rosettes on the floors composed of marble or granite tesseras until decorations for vases, colonnades, busts and friezes.

Outdoor Covering

Portals, balconies, pillars, panels, windows and banister. We recover preexistent elements with precious materials or recoat elements which have restoration elements and continuity with the preceding architectural value. Marmi Damiani assures precision and the best results designing ex-novo and realizing coverings which melt at its best the preconstituted landscape.