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The famous Michelangelo said that it is the sculptor’s duty to take off the leftover from a block of stone to dig out what is hidden inside it. Damiani Marmi believes that in every single piece of marble there is a hidden wonder.

By means of our work we make visible this wonder to our guests’ eyes. We have been working stone, marble and granite for over 50 years and Pietro Damiani, the founder of our Company, has transferred his experience and skill to his son Dario Damiani. Dario after learning the secrets of this work from his father, today runs the Company which represents one of the most important reality in the south of Italy.
New technology and the love for the transformation of the row materials have permitted us to be successful on an updated market.


Marmi Damiani is a family and at the same time is a team of expertises which have in common experience and love for their work. They know that to the difficulty of the work corresponds a great satisfaction for the final product. Our work includes creativity, know how, innovation and design. We put these characteristics at our customers’ disposal to satisfy requests transforming their desires into reality in the due time for the delivery.
Those who come to visit us, can breathe an atmosphere of a studio of artisans of other times where each phase of the marble work is seen as a target, a victory of man over matter. The passion for our work walks together with us step after step.
We choose with accuracy every single stone which we later will work, we touch the forms, study the composition so that each one can become a small work of art.
We will cut them with care as if they were raw diamonds to give them the exact form they were designed for.
Marmi Damiani realizes great idea thanks to an accurate phase design and study of the spaces.
We join design and functionality using both experience and creativity in every field of employment.

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